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I have worked with hundreds of clients during my fitness career. I still get a kick out of seeing people take on the challenge of becoming more fit, healthier and happier with fitness training I have provided! It's amazing the progress and success people can achieve if they consistently do the right things for a healthier lifestyle. Read through some of their successful achievements below!
We would love to hear what FitnessTEC™ has done for you. Please let us know by submitting your fitness testimonial at
Contact: Donna with FitnessTEC™ by e-mail or phone (419) 297-3778.

Testimonial - From David Seeger, CEO of Great Lakes Credit Union. My company decided to formulate a program in which the employees would be able to lose weight through proper nutrition and exercise. In order to accomplish this, I needed an expert that could help lead us through this process. I turned to Personal Trainer Donna Susor. She came into our company and provided us insight on proper eating and exercise habits. She put together an easy to follow notebook with information about fitness and a roadmap on how to achieve the weightloss we desired.
Her upbeat spirit gave us encouragement throughout the 8 week period. She took all the measurements and weights so the employees maintained their confidentiality when it came to the weight contest. She also took before and after pictures so that they could see their results at the end of the contest. Donna tabulated and announced the winner of the program for us. She was an indispensable part of this project and we could not have done it without her.
I would recommend her to any company wishing to accomplish the same thing that we have done.

I wanted to let you know that I love your class! I have seen great results with my body since the beginning of the semester. My abs are more tight and my thighs are more firm. I have been more interested in working out on my own and have been doing it on a regular basis as opposed to practically doing nothing before. I would reccommend your pilates class to is very fun and beneficial for the overall health of the body. I have decided to take it again next semester because I have come to like it that much. That is how I feel about your class, and I also feel that you are a great instructor who really puts forth a lot of effort into helping the students to become motivated.
Thank you for an awesome semester!
Lauren Overmyer

When I started your course fall 2008 I had just had my son. From then to now I have lost 4 waist sizes! I am almost to the weight I was in high school. I am able to do push ups and other hard exercises. I have more energy! I have noticed more inner core strength and I am becoming more and more tone.

Total body conditioning has allowed me to have/know exercises that I can do right in my home. These exercises do not require going out to the gym or using a video. The exercises are simple to remember, but beneficial at the same time. I highly enjoyed taking this class and would recommend it to anyone.
Katelyn M.

Consult your Doctor before starting any exercise program.

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